Chypre Fragrance Family
Dry woods fragrance family

parfum d'espoir - Chypre fragrance family

Chypre is an old and unique family. Chypres consist of a bergmot head followed by an oak moss and labdanum heart. The name means Cyprus in French but actually derives from a fragrance developed by François Coty in 1917 called Chypre.

Chypre is in this case more of a concept than a family and can be considered largely symbolic by today’s standards.

However, it was a feat in perfumery and many fragrance houses have used the model to create their own. Their various properties range from floral, fruity, green, aromatic and leathery notes. As a result, they are hard to liquidate into other families without separating them. They can also be identified by their warm moss base that contrasts with a fresh citrus head.

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