parfum d'espoir - Cashmere & Amber Exquisite

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Cashmere & Amber Exquisite - PERFUME DESCRIPTION

Cashmere & Amber Exquisite thrills with sultry and provocative notes of cashmere, rich patchouli, and smooth amber —a seduction about to unfold. Representing two sides of women, opposites that complete each other, D'espoir's newest fragrances speak of individual desires too luxurious to resist.

Cashmere & Amber Exquisite is perfect choice for your private and big moments in your life.

The real cashmere essence is in the top of this warm and sensual fragrance. The perfume is gentle and powdery, with warm notes.

    Cashmeran perfume notes

Middle notes create a flower and woody composition. The divine and aromatic smell of jasmine flower composed with smooth notes of tender suede.

    Jasmine perfume notes Suede perfume notes

The final note is sweet vanilla mixed with amber and gentle sweet scent of musk. Cashmere & Amber Exquisite is a sensual new way to wrap yourself in cashmere.

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