parfum d'espoir - Jasmine Red

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Jasmine Red is sensual and exuberant spicy - oriental floral fragrance. Perfect and professional perfume composition gives erotic and hedonistic blend to the perfume.

Feel fresh, feel so floral with Jasmine Red perfume.

Jasmine Red is a saturated, spiced floral fragrance with an unexpected blend of precious notes: ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, bergamot, mandarin orange and pepper.

    Ginger perfume notes Cardamom- floral green perfume notes Bergamot perfume notes cinnamon - oriental floral perfume notes Mandarin Orange perfume notes Pepper - floral green perfume notes

The heart notes are jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang, broom and clary sage flower. Floral composition makes this fragrance unforgatable.

    Neroli perfume notes Jasmine perfume notes Ylang Ylang perfume notes Broom perfume notes Clary Sage perfume notes

Base notes of Jasmine Red perfume are French Labdanum, sweet notes of amber, vanilla, fresh and pudra notes of leather and woody notes. Voluptuous, sensuous, audacious fragrance.

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