parfum d'espoir - Moment Perfume

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Moment perfume is aimed at confident and extraordinary women. Thanks to the enchanting perfume composition, which includes floral and spicy accents, the Moment perfume awakens natural sexuality, enveloping the woman with a halo of tenderness and grace.

We recommend you performing Moment perfume with solemn and private events.

Moment perfume belongs to a group of Chypre Floral fragrances that emphasize the pristine elegance of a woman. Composition starts with notes of aldehydes, mandarin blends in with floral note of hyacinth, ginger and coriander passionately concluding their sweet duet.

    aldehydes notes Sage notes Ginger Notes Coriander notes Mandarine Orange Basil Notes Hiacynth notes Bergamot notes

The heart is noble with flowers like ylang-ylang, rose and tuberose, spring jasmine and spiced with carnation and orris root. The notes of ylang - ylang make the perfume real aphrodisiac.

    Ylang Ylang Rose Flower Lily-Of-The-Valley Sweet Vanilla Notes Jasmine Orris Root Notes Carnation notes

The base of perfume composition is balmy – warm with notes of patchouli, cedar wood, labdanum, musk and benzoin. The notes of Vanilla brings the warm sweety to the perfume.

    musk notes Cedar Wood notes amber oil vanilla notes Labdanum Benzoin Patchouli Notes Styrax Notes