parfum d'espoir - My Love



My Love is a mystical oriental perfume for women. My Love is sweet and tender at first. A soft and sugared elixir mixed with the orangey delights of bergamot and neroli, warmed with caramel and vanilla.

My Love is perfect choice for 'big' days and moments.

Tope notes of My Love perfume opens with the magic scent of Neroli mixed with juicy bergamot, aromatic pink pepper and fragrant coriander.

    Pink Pepper perfume notes Bergamot - oriental perfume notes Neroli perfume oil Coriander perfume oil

Middle notes create a flower composition. The divine smell of iris flower composed with Jasmine, Rose, Orange Blossom and Honeysuckle.

    Iris perfume notes Jasmine perfume notes Rose perfume notes Orange Blossom perfume notes Honeysuckle perfume notes

The final note is sweet vanilla mixed with musk, gentle scent of caramel and sugar. The composition closed with Labdanum notes.

    Vanilla perfume notescaramel perfume notes - parfum d'espoir Sugar notes Musk perfume notes Labdanum perfume notes