parfum d'espoir - Summer Rose Perfume

45.00 90.00


Summer Rose perfume composition was created with the intention to evoke the feeling of pleasure, freedom and escape into nature, inspired by the unique character and quality of French beach.

This perfume composition is very rare and different from other compositions. The heroine of this perfume is very sophisticated: delicate, very soft and with an attitude, free at the same time.

Summer Rose - very sophisticated fragrance with the most incompatible notes. Fragrance offers red apple as forbidden fruit in top notes, which intoxicates and seduces together with white peach and Bourbon vanilla. Seasalt and SeaWeeds brings the fragrance freshness and powder notes.

    Peach Notes Pepper notes Red Apple Sea Salt SeWeed

A heart adds innocent and clean aromas of lotus, heliotrope and fresh green apple, combined with citrus notes of grapefruit and green notes of sage.

    Lotus Heliotrope Lily-Of-The-Valley Apple Sage

Base notes round up the composition with soft, warm vanilla and chocolate, accompanied by creamy sandalwood nuances, combined with aromatic notes of Ambrette.

    vanilla notes Sandalwood Mexican Chocolate Ambrette