parfum d'espoir - The End Perfume

55.00 110.00


Fragrance of dating and love, romantic and very sensual, elixir of good mood! The perfume aims at all those who enjoy infatuation, love, unity, fulfillment.

Good choice for torrid summer day and evening. Feel spesial with new fragrance.

'The End' fragrance for women is a delightful elixir that is made especially to entice. Created in 2017 by Parfum D'espoir - this exciting scent features notes of bitter orange, freesia and peach at the top.

    freesia flower Bitter Orange Peach Fruit

A wonderful blend of magnolia, rose and jasmine lingers at the heart of this fragrance that awakens the senses of anyone who takes a sniff.

    Red Rose Jasmine Flower Magnolia

The warmth and resinous aroma of amber mixed with trails of Virginia cedar create an earthy ending to this romantic union. The End - the most sexual perfume for women.

    musk notes Cedar Wood notes amber oil