parfum d'espoir - Avantgarde Perfume

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Tempting, calling, courageous, inspirational, elegant, austere, luxurious, elegant - all it can be said about Avantgarde Perfume. Avantgarde is a flavor that is instantly able to turn the head of any lady, is designed exclusively for the strong and purposeful, courageous and noble men, who know how to achieve their goals.

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Fresh fruity aromas of sensual bergamot, exotic pineapple, ripe red apple and sour-sweet black currant open the perfume composition.

    Perfume with Bergamot notes Black Currant - oriental floral perfume notes Pineapple Perfume notes Apple Perfume notes

In the middle of prfume composition fruity freshness opens and strengthen in the sweet sound of floral scents of gentle rose petals and sweet jasmine, woody aromas of birch leaves and patchouli leaves.

    Patchouli perfume notes Birch perfume notes Rose perfume notes Jasmine perfume notes

Magic sound of base notes, which is very harmoniously enchanting the aromas of ambergris, sweet vanilla and subtle oak moss, musk only enhance the magical power of Avantgarde Perfume.

    Musk perfume notes Oak Moss perfume notes Vanilla perfume notes Ambergris perfume notes