parfum d'espoir - Black Charm Perfume

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Perfume Black Charm is a deep, smoky, pungent and opiate fragrance. Universal perfume Black Charm is not just a fragrance, it is the concentration of amazing experiences, vivid emotions and burning the soul passions. It's like a barrage, as a summer storm with lightning and thunder.

Black Charm perfume for bright, passionate, charismatic and brave men...

The unique perfume composition opens with the accords of cannabis and fresh green notes, making the fragrance intoxicating.

    Cannabis notes Green notes

The heart of fragrance opens with esinous and woody notes, which are mixed with the magical coffee chords and intoxicating fragrance of tobacco.

    Tobacco perfume notes Coffee perfume notes Woody Notes Resins perfume notes

Frankincense trail with a woody shades makes the fragrance an incredibly stable and unforgettable.

    Agarwood perfume notes Incense perfume notes