parfum d'espoir - Just Perfume

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Perfume Just can be characterized as charismatic and seductive, elegant and sophisticated. Just perfume is designed for the modern cosmopolitans, men who pay attention to himself and his body. Spicy oriental composition based on the harmonious combination of attractive tobacco and fine woody notes.

Very sensual perfume for men from D'espoir Collection...

An appetizing blend of grapefruit, coriander and basil notes give the strict elegance Perfume Just.

    Grapefruit Coriander - oriental perfume notes Basil perfume oil

The top notes transforms into a warm and spicy notes of cardamom and ginger, which gives the characteristic sound of a sensual aroma.

    Cardamom perfume notes Ginger perfume notes

Heart notes are replaced by true masculinity of deep and dry tones of tobacco and amber notes, accented with cedar wood, which perfectly completes the image of confidence and superiority.

    Tobacco perfume notes Cedar perfume notes Amber perfume notes