parfum d'espoir - La Prime

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La Prime is the new perfume composition. The harmony of opposites, combined with power and sophistication. The fragrance is dressed in a bright and sensual chord, combining notes of violets and leather, the sound of which is enriched Absolue Bourbon Vanilla. The incredible appeal of this extraordinary fragrance enhanced with noble ingredients.

Combining absolutely incredible notes - La Prime perfume is the best choice for men...

The top notes of La Prime fresh notes of sicilian mandarin, combined with powder notes of suede and woddy notes of licorice.

    Sicilian Mandarin Suede - oriental perfume notes Licorice perfume oil

The heart of the La Prime perfume is Violet Leaf, sweet Rum, spicy Coriander and Cunim.

    Violet perfume notes Coriander perfume notes Cunim perfume notes Rum perfume notes

The perfume composition gets more profound with oriental base of bourbon vanilla - what makes the perfume resistant, sweet and magic.

    Bourbon Vanilla perfume notes