parfum d'espoir - Les Tabous Perfume

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Les Tabous is the fragrance for the modern business man, striving for a good result, he creates a sense of exclusivity and its absolute value.vThis perfume has the essence of success in every drop.

Very aromatic perfume for men from D'espoir Collection...

The top notes of perfume les Tabous are very fresh: bergamot and juicy tangerine.

    Bergamot Tangerine - oriental perfume notes

The heart note of Les Tabous perfume includes aromatic and a little bit spicy ginger.

    Ginger notes

Base notes of perfume Les Tabous are very rich and diverse. Sweet notes of patchouli, ambergis combined with spicy notes of tobacco, aromatic notes of leather and woody notes of sandalwood.

    Patchouli perfume notes Tobacco perfume notes Sandalwood perfume notes Amber perfume notes Leather perfume notes