parfum d'espoir - Mountain Water Perfume

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Perfume Mountain Water is an incredibly refined fragrance that first splash freshness and coolness, clarity and purity, and then simply enchants with its sensuality and magic. Rate how interesting and original flavor D'espoir Mountain Water is can be on the notes, which is very harmoniously joined together to form such a stable plume, rich, full-bodied and dense.

Best exotic, aromatic and mysterious perfume for men and women.

Perfume Mountain Water is pure flavor which opens with the notes of Bergamot and mandarin Orange, gives the perfume incredibly exoticness.

    Perfume with Bergamot notes Mandarin Orange perfume notes

Green tea and black currant in the middle of perfume composition give the flavor cheerfulness, snowiness, purity, freshness and, of course, originality.

    Black Currant perfume notes Green Tea perfume notes

A harmonious complement to a refined perfume composition such as violet root, warm musk and sweet patchouli, make you fall in love with this fabulous perfume, which has so symbolic name - Mountain Water.

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