parfum d'espoir - Homme Perfume

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Perfume Homme for men is the embodiment of courage and true strength. It identifies the image of a real man: strong and exceptional, a true leader, but not a follower. This perfume has always distinguished mediocrity from excellence...

Perfect choice for strong and confident man..

The top notes of the perfume Homme are very fresh: juicy bergamot, sweet orange and lemon, combined with delightful notes of clary sage.

    Perfume with Bergamot notes Perfume with Lime notes Orange notes Clary Sage notes

The heart of perfume composition is fresh cutted flowers of jasmine and lily of the valley.

    Lily of the valley perfume notes Jasmine perfume notes

Sweet notes of musk and patchouli, woody notes of cedar and sandalwood and fresh notes of vetiver end the perfume composition.

    Patchouli perfume notes Vetiver perfume notes Sandalwood notes Cedar perfume notes Musk notes