Aromatic Fragrance Family
aromatic fragrance group - aromatic perfume

parfum d'espoir - Aromatic Fougere fragrance family

Name of the olfactive group 'fougere' derives from French word 'fougere' or 'fern'. Coumarin can be found in the center of compositions. Perfume-originator of this group is Fougere Royal by the house of Houbigant, created by Paul Parquet in 1882.

Aromatic group of fragrances includes mostly fresh notes. Among the main notes you can find lavender and aromatic herbs. This universal fragrance family includes elements from different families: the freshness of Citrus family, floral notes of lavender, the spicy-sweetness of a Floral Oriental fragrance family, the ambery depth of an Oriental and the Mossy Woods fragrance family, warmth of sandalwood and oakmoss.

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