parfum d'espoir - Madame M Perfume

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Madame M is an irresistible secret weapon for every woman, a sweet, powder and sexy fragrance. The perfume composition is based on aldehydes with a wide range of flowers.

Feel special while using Parfum D'espoir series. Madame M - you are strong, you are mystery, you are graceful.

Madame M perfume composition opens with White Lotus Petals and delicate nuances of white Ylang Ylang and Violet leaves.

    Lotus Petal perfume notes ylang ylang perfume notes violet perfume oil

Middle notes of Madame M perfume starts with Aldehydes leads to the floral heart of Osmanthus, Jasmin and Rose. These notes give the perfume powder scent.

    aldehydes perfume notes Osmanthus perfume notes Jasmine perfume notes Rose perfume notes

The final note is woodsy powdery with Iris Flower, Amber Oil, Patchouly and White Suede. Madame M perfume will open for you new world of scents.

    white suede perfume notesiris perfume notes musk notes Patchouli perfume notes amber oil