parfum d'espoir - Collectionist

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Collectionis is structured and sensual fragrances with a refined and distinct character. Sophistication and simplicity, peculiarity and intimacy of this perfume strike a perfect balance among the apparently familiar notes of raspberry, rose, pink grapefruit, jasmine, patchouli and cashmeran. ...

So mystical, so different, so complicated...

Tope notes of perfume Collectionist will bring you to the fruity garden where you can smell the aroma of grapefruit, black currant and raspberry.

    Grapefruit perfume notes Black Currant - oriental floral perfume notes Raspberry Perfume notes

Middle notes of perfume Collectionist are floral - unforgatable smell of jasmine flowers combined with rose notes.

    rose perfume notes - oriental floral perfume - parfum d'espoir - collectionits perfume Jasmine perfume notes

The final note is powder cashmeran mixed with patchouli and sweet notes of amber. Collectionist perfume has strong, extremely feminine character, pop and chic at the same time - will suit the women who like to be exuding.

    Patchouli perfume notes Cashmeran perfume notesAmber perfume notes