parfum d'espoir - Velvety Oud Perfume

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Perfume Velvety is endowed with gentleness and sweetness, intoxicating beauty, peculiar to oriental fragrances. This flavor is luxury as the best oriental velvet, it shines like a golden sand, warms and charms.

Velvet, soft and mysterious fragrance...

Perfume Velvety Oud slowly unfolds in the voluptuous outpouring of velvety, soft sweets, reincarnating in heady, mysterious perfume heart, which is dominated by only one note - a note of sweet almond.

    Sweet Almond

The Velvety Oud fragrance opens with sweet notes of almond, surrounded by powerful and velvety serenade of Damascus rose and rose sentifolii in the heart of perfume composition.

    Damask Rose notes Rose de mai

Sweet almond and rose notes merge with semisweet wine Soave, making you crazy with intoxicating notes of agarwood.

    Agar wood Woody Notes